Venison Weeks

14th – 25th October

During the „Venison Weeks“, we serve our guests with local venison from our own hunt. The selected animals are professionally butchered and expertly prepared. As well as serving hot venison dishes, we also smoke our own ham and sausages. Enjoy an exclusive venison menu or hearty snack featuring our well-matured venison. The taste and consistency of a fresh venison dish create a special delicacy, and connoisseurs appreciate the down-to-earth and exclusive enjoyment of elaborately prepared venison dishes. This season, the venison menu is rounded off by selected wines which complement the dishes. The special selection and wine recommendations for Venison Week can be found in our MENU

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Liebe Xaver-Freunde,

wir freuen uns sehr darauf, Euch ab sofort noch häufiger in der Xaver Bar begrüßen zu dürfen! Hier sind unsere neuen Öffnungszeiten:

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Dienstag: Geschlossen

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Sonntag: Geschlossen

Genießt mit uns gemeinsam gemütliche Abende, einzigartige Verkostungen und unvergessliche Momente in unserer Bar.

Wir freuen uns darauf, Euch an unseren neuen Öffnungszeiten begrüßen zu dürfen und gemeinsam besondere Erlebnisse zu schaffen.

Auf bald in der Xaver Bar!
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